ARCHEOPTERYX – is a Russian rock band, playing own original songs. The musical stuff of the band is based on the whole variety of styles, because none of the ones seem to be the most preferable for the musicians. So the musical manner of ARCHEOPTERYX can be described as a fusion of folk, reggae, blues, country and alternative music, though the band experiments with other styles as well. Almost all the verses are written by Pavel Polyanin, who has been a leader of the band since the very beginning. Apart from electric guitar, bass guitar, cajon, jembe, tablas and regular drums (Pavel Polyanin and Pavel Volkov) the band uses Irish whistles, folk flutes, EWI – Electronic Wind Instrument, zhaleyka  — traditional Russian folk musical instrument, kazoo, harmonicas and Jew’s harp (Yulia Avdonona and Sergey Cherepovetskii), that gives actual zest to the sound of ARCHEOPTERYX. The band has released 4 albums and played a lot of concerts in many Russian cities, participated in various big open air festivals. The current residence of the band is in the city of Tver (old Russian city located about 150 kilometers from Moscow). Now the band is making records for the fourth studio album and some songs are available for your listening just now!

The music to listen:



Hangover Song (Похмельная)

Yama-Yama (Яма-Яма)

The Star (Звезда)

Attack Continued (Продолжая атаку)

Street Musician (Уличный Музыкант)

Avalon (Авалон)

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